Jeans for Genes Day

Jeans for Genes Day

Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.”

St Francis of Assisi

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who helped us to raise money for Jeans For Genes – together we raised £230.79!!

On Friday 18th of September, we will be raising money for the Jeans for Genes charity, to help Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity dedicated to supporting thousands of children affected by a genetic disorder.

While individual genetic disorders are rare, it is thought that there are currently more than 6,000 diagnosed disorders and new disorders are being identified every day. It is estimated that 1 in 25 children is affected by a genetic disorder. This means that in the UK, 30,000 babies and children are newly diagnosed each year and more than half a million children and adults are living with a genetic disorder.

Genetic Disorders UK is a registered charity with a vision to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by genetic disorders. Their mission is to be the leading source of information and support for both those affected by a genetic disorder, and the charities and patient groups that support them, by bringing together everyone’s combined experience in a place it can be shared.

The charity provides vital support, equipment as well as the chance for those affected by a genetic disorder to meet others affected by the same condition. All the money raised by organisations and schools on Jeans for Genes Day funds a range of initiatives that improve the quality of life of children and families affected by genetic disorders.

Children and staff participating in the fundraiser will be donating £1 to the school office and wearing jeans on Friday the 18th of September.

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