Year 6 Visit to St Paul’s Cathedral

Year 6 Visit to St Paul’s Cathedral

We shape our buildings: thereafter they shape us”

Sir Winston Churchill

On Monday 22nd May, all of Year 6 were invited to tour and the Year 6 choir to rehearse and sing at St Paul’s Cathedral. The weather was glorious and the sun was shining brightly as the children made their way to St Paul’s by London Underground.

Entering the Cathedral through the crypt, they were asked to lie on their backs on the marble floor of the Quire to study the wonderful ceiling above. The children then stood in the Choirstalls, singing briefly to hear the echo effect as they sang. They repeated this exercise underneath the Dome to hear the difference in the acoustics of the two areas.

The children were also very excited to be able to visit the very spiral staircase that was featured in the last Harry Potter movie. After this the Year 6 choir rehearsed with Mr Daggett in the OBE Chapel located in the Crypt before their performance was announced to visiting tourists.

At 12pm, the Year 6 choir performed a 25-minute concert in front of a group of parents, Mrs Dyer and visiting tourists. It was very well received and they enjoyed a huge round of applause. After the concert was over, most of the pupils walked across the bridge to visit the Tate Modern museum and gardens.

The 7 bellringers, Mrs Pattenden, Mr Carden, Mrs Woodward and Mr Dave Bassford stayed behind and climbed up to the triforium, where they went through the cathedral sewing room, and up into the belltower ringing room.

They climbed further up into the Belfry, and looked at the 13 bells, and also out through the smog and dust covered grilles over the rooftops of London to the North, South, East, and West. As they came back to the ringing room, they listed and watched as Miss Pattenden and Mrs Woodard rang ten changes on the Tenor.

After signing the visitors book, they re-joined the rest of the class over a lovely picnic lunch in the Tate Museum gardens. Visiting St Paul’s was an amazing experience and certainly one that would never be forgotten by any of the children. Thank you to Mr Carden, Mrs McMullan, Miss Mattey and Miss Debbie for accompanying the children.