Starting Reception

Starting Reception

If your child was born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017, he or she will be starting Reception in primary school from September 2021.

One of life’s most memorable milestone has to be your child’s first day starting in Reception at ‘big school’. For all children, this represents not only their first steps into their formal education but also in making friends and having exciting life experiences. Starting school can be a time of mixed emotions and for both parents and children, there can be a great deal to take in, all at once, making the selection of the right primary school one of the most challenging decisions to make.

Our Reception

At Burdett-Coutts, we believe that all children are born ready, able and eager to learn by actively reaching out to interact with other people and the world around them. With the right start to their education, we know that every child has the promise to achieve their full potential.

Our Reception facilities boast a large upstairs classroom, an extensive, bright and airy open-plan downstairs classroom, dedicated toilet and shower facilities for the children, a secure outdoor playground and a wide range of multi-sensory play areas. As part of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), our pupils are taught in accordance to the principles of ‘Development Matters’ and enjoy indoor and outdoor lessons tailored to a variety of topics to develop the seven key areas of learning.

You can find out more about what our children learn at Reception here ›.

2020/2021 Reception Open Days

We can help your child achieve their full potential with a great start to their education. Your child’s Early Years’ experience should be happy, active, exciting, fun and secure; whilst supporting their development, care and learning needs. With the right start to their education, we know that every child has the promise to achieve their full potential.

We are accepting Reception applications for September 2021 and invite you to join us for 30-minute bespoke tour* of our Early Years setting, any Tuesday (term time), from 9.30am to 5pm*Please note that these will be conducted with COVID -19 measures in place to ensure the wellbeing of visitors, staff and children.

This is a great opportunity for parents/carers of pupils looking to join Burdett-Coutts in either the current academic year or 2021/2022, to find out more about what we can offer. To book your place on a tour, please call Ms Karen Baker on 020 7828 6790 or email with the subject header: EYFS Tour.

Top tips:

  • Check that you have all the published information about the schools you want to apply for
  • Find out all you can about the school’s Admission Policy and the standard admission numbers
  • Make a personal visit to the school
  • Remember to take supplementary forms and travelling times into account as well
  • Make sure that you complete your online application on time

How to apply

Admissions to our Reception are made through The Pan London eAdmissions systems, which links all 33 London boroughs, together with eight councils bordering the capital, to co-ordinate admissions to their schools. Under this system, parents list the schools that they want to apply for online, ranking them in order of preference. Kindly note that you must still apply for a Reception place even if your child already attends Nursery at our school.

The recommended way to apply is online and you can do this from 1st September 2020. The closing date for applications is 15 January 2021 and the national offer day is 16 April 2021.

The Hints And Tips leaflet published by Westminster City Council provides some basic information and will point you in the right direction to access further information.

For detailed information, please read the Westminster: Your choice for primary education brochure to assist you with your school choices. Where distance from home to school is used to allocate places, have a look at the cut-off distance maps to see the requirements.

Key dates:

  • Tuesday 1st September – Opening date for online applications
  • Friday 15th January – Closing date for online applications
  • Friday 16th of April – National Offer day
  • The ICT suite at Burdett-Coutts school is available to Nursery parents to complete your online application. Help is available on request.