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Cookies are small (plain) text files that contain information. They are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit most websites – including this one. These cookies are then used by the originating website on subsequent visits, or can be used by other websites that recognise those particular cookies.

Cookies do lots of different jobs, like enabling a website to ‘remember’ your preferences, helping you to navigate efficiently and generally improving your experience of the site. If you would like to find out more about web cookies, or how to control/delete them, we recommend you visit

We use a small number of different cookies in our site and we operate an ‘implied consent’ policy. This means that we assume you are happy with having our website cookies stored on your device and/or computer. If you are not happy, then you should either not visit this site, or you should delete the cookies after visiting us. Alternatively, you could use this site after activating your browser’s ‘anonymous’ setting (called “Incognito” in Google Chrome, “InPrivate” for Internet Explorer or “Private Browsing” in Firefox/Safari etc).

Below is a description of the cookies we use and what we use them for.

First Party Cookies

  • These are cookies that are set by this website directly.

‘Performance’ Cookies: Google Analytics

  • We use Google Analytics to collect information about the pages you have visited on our website in order for us to monitor the performance of the site and to improve it. Google Analytics stores this information together with how long you are on the site, how you got here and what you clicked on. This ‘Analytics’ data is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable. We do not store your personal information (e.g. your name or address etc).


We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and this policy sets out how we treat your personal information.

What information do we collect?

  • We may collect, store and use anonymous data about the device/browser you have used to view our site, your IP address, approximate geographical location, referral source (which site you visited us from), the length of visit and number of page views.
  • We collect, but do not store information that you provide to us for the purpose of contacting us (only).

Using your personal data

  • We only use your personal information to improve this site and to answer any query you may send us.
  • We will never provide your personal information to any third parties for the purpose of direct marketing.


We may provide links to other websites which may contain information of interest to you. We cannot take any responsibility for, and exercise no control over, the organisations, views, or accuracy of the information contained in these sites.

Please browse safely. Children should ALWAYS be supervised when using the internet…even when visiting sites linked to from this site.