School Newsletter : 24 February 2023

| Issue 7 | Spring 1 | Week 21 |

DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

A series of devastating earthquakes have hit southern Turkey (now known as Türkiye) and north-west Syria killing over 24,000 people and injuring many more. Thousands of buildings, including hospitals and schools, have collapsed and infrastructure has been badly damaged.

People have been left without shelter in freezing winter conditions and desperately need blankets, emergency shelter, food and clean water. DEC charities and their local partners are among the first responders providing urgent help.

Immediate priorities are search and rescue, medical treatment for the injured, shelter for those who have lost their homes, heating in safe spaces, blankets, warm clothes, and ensuring people have food and clean water.

You can help people affected by the crisis by making a donation and helping to raise money for the DEC appeal. This will allow DEC charities and their local partners to scale up their response and reach more people.

  • £10 could provide blankets to keep two people warm
  • £25 could provide emergency food for a family for ten days
  • £50 could provide emergency shelter for two families

If you are able to, please make a donation here at >

Friends of Burdett-Coutts: Come to our meetings!

Last Thursday, the Friends of Burdett-Coutts, our school’s Parent-Staff Association had another productive planning meeting for the upcoming Easter Fete!

Thank you to all the parents who attended – it was a really useful meeting, with so much discussed and decided. We discussed the plans established for the fete and have begun arranging for tables (to be borrowed), stall leaders rota as well as the various items required.

We would be very grateful to receive any ‘new’ unwanted items you may have and would like to donate. Please bring these in when you can and leave them at the school office, for the attention of the PSA.

If you are a parent, carer or a guardian of a child that attends the school, then you are automatically a member of the Friends of Burdett-Coutts. Being part of FoBC is a great chance to meet other parents, while supporting our school. Even if you only have a small amount of time, it’s an amazing opportunity to participate more in school life.

Please come along if you can to our next planning meeting, which will be at 9am on Thursday 2nd March in the Ground Floor Hall. EVERYONE is welcome and we would really value your input. 

If you’re unable to attend Thursday’s planning meeting but would like to help out, please speak to Miss Rachida in Nursery & Reception.

Spring 2 Class Projects

Please see below the range of Class Projects that are included in the Homework Overviews for Years 1 – 6 for this half term. These can be found in your child’s Google Classroom, including the outline for Maths and Spelling tasks.

Kindly be informed that all projects need to be submitted into school on Monday 27th March.

Good luck everyone 🙂

Year 1:

In Science we have been learning about “Why it is cold in winter?” We have been learning about all the different seasons, what makes day and night and why it is a different temperature in different parts of the world.

For our project this half term, you can choose from any aspects to do with the weather to research and present. For example this could be: What makes a rainbow? What makes it rain or snow? What are clouds? You may like to create a poster or an information book sharing your findings and research, or you could use your creative skills and make a board game.

This project is a perfect opportunity for you to really showcase what you have been learning and your creative talents! I can’t wait to see what you have made by the end of term. Good luck!

Year 2:

We are Geographers – Around the world in 30 days: Kenya

In Geography this half term we will take a tour of key places around the world to cement knowledge of continents and oceans with an in-depth study of Kenya, including a comparison with London and the UK.

Your task is to create a piece of work to show what you have learnt about this place on our planet.

You are free to present this how you wish such as a written piece, a picture, a presentation, a 3D model or any other ideas you come up with. You could also design and create an explorer ship that will help you to navigate the most important oceans and seas around the world and that will take you to Kenya.

Year 3 Project:

We are Geographers – Town and Country: UK

In Geography this half term children will identify the geographical features of the UK and understand how some of these aspects have changed over time.

They will investigate and summarise places, patterns, similarities and differences within and between the regions of the UK.

Your task is to create a piece of work to show the most important features of the UK.

You are free to present this how you wish such as a written piece, a picture, a presentation, a poster, a 3D model or any other ideas you come up with.

Year 4 Project:

This half term as Scientists, we will be continuing to learn about classifying animals, exploring their habitats and the dangers they face; both natural and made, which threaten all living things. For your home learning project, you could choose to create your own classification chart following a walk to your local park. You could take photographs (or complete drawings and diagrams), of what you find, both plants and animals and challenge yourself to create a food chain.

You may like to design your own creature, describing where they live, what they eat and its physical features; or you may wish to research the scientist Linnaeus, a Swedish scientist who developed a system of organising living things. It forms the basis of the classification and naming system we use today.

Year 5 Project:

As Geographers this half term, we are learning about the physical and human features of Spain. For your project, you are going to research another country of your choice. You are going to prepare an information report about the country of your choice that could include the following:

  • location in the world
  • population
  • famous artists
  • famous sports people
  • tourist sights / activities
  • exports
  • typical food / cuisine
  • mountains / rivers / forests / beaches
  • royal family or republic

You could also research any other area of interest. I look forward to seeing the variety of ways these projects are completed.

Year 6 Project:

This half term as Geographers, Year 6 will be continuing to learn about the River Thames. For your homework project, you could choose to:

  • create a model of the the key features of a river,
  • research key historical events which impacted upon the Thames
  • research a bridge of your choice and create a map of all the bridges along the River
  • research key engineers who were responsible for our current sewage system

Alternatively, if you have any other ideas of your own based around rivers, feel free to present these how you wish. I look forward to see the range of project presentations that Year 6 pupils submit.

World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd of March we will be celebrating our love of reading on World Book Day. We have some lovely activities planned, including an assembly, guest readers and prizes for the most imaginative outfits in each class. We would really like all pupils to dress up as their favourite book characters as part of the festivities! We strongly encourage parents and carers not to spend money on these costumes and instead be creative with the pupils’ outfits. Ideas include coming as a favourite word from a book, the author of their favourite book or even the front cover of a book!

Are you getting to school on time?

A huge thank you to all of our families who are in school everyday and arrive on time! It is important that your child attends school every day and on time. Arriving late to school is unsettling for children and disrupts the start to their day.

Our school day starts at 09:00, and all pupils need to be in school by 08:55, to ensure that they are ready for learning at 09:00. Teachers are waiting in classes with learning ready to start at this time.

The main pupil entrance (gates) will open at 08:45 and will close at 08:55. After this time parents will need to bring their child/ren via school office. Please ensure your child is in school before 08:55.

From the February Half Term you will need to sign your children in if entering through the office. The time of entry and reason for lateness will be noted.

We are carefully monitoring attendance and punctuality as we have noticed an increasing trend of both becoming a pattern for some families.

Routines are the easiest way to ensure your child attends school on time every day, so try to create good routines for the start of your day, particularly if mornings are hectic in your household.

Try and prepare as much as possible the night before, and ensure that older children are taking much more responsibility for their readiness for school.

Did you know?!

  • 10 minutes late every day = 33 hours lost learning each year!
  • Lateness and absence has a significant impact not only on your child’s learning, but also others, as teachers may have to re-teach late arrivals to ensure they can participate in the lesson.

Easter Bonnet Competition: Glue guns at the ready!

4th Plinth Competition

Upcoming Events


  • Thursday 2nd March: World Book Day – more information in our newsletter after the half term!
  • Thursday 2nd March: Year 5 Trip to The Central Gurdwara – please refer to the letter sent home to all Y5 pupils for further information.
  • Monday 6th March: Year 6 Citizenship Trip to the London Transport Museum.
  • Thursday 9th March: Coronation Project with Peter Daniels taking place in school with Year 6.
  • Thursday 9th March: Battle of Britain Concert at Cadogan Hall – Years 4 and 5 will be attending.
  • Thursday 16th March by 16:00: Easter Bonnet entries and 4th Plinth Art entries to be submitted to school.
  • Friday 17th March: Friends of Burdett-Coutts Easter Fete – more information to follow after the half term!

March (continued):

  • Monday 20th March @ 19:00 – 21:00: Barbican Concert – Year 6 have been invited to perform alongside pupils from Westminster School in their concert. An amazing opportunity! More details to follow, including how parents can obtain tickets.
  • Tuesday 21st March: Pimlico Music Foundation Singing Event at St. Gabriel’s Church – Year 5 to perform and parents are warmly welcomed (times TBC).
  • Monday 27th March @ 14:30 – 16:30: Coronation Club (Year 4) Trip to the Royal Mews – separate letter will follow.

Biscuits Bytes!


How fast did this week go by? It has been so busy in school, with trips for Years 4 and 6 and visitors in to see our wonderful school and welcoming lots of new parents and families, including tours of our school – so many new friends for me to make 🙂

I was so excited last weekend and at the beginning of the week, as I thought Spring was here and that meant playing out much later and lots of sunny weather. HURRAH!

However, it seems that I may have been a bit eager, and the cooler weather is back : (

This has mad me a bit sad, as more wet weather means the After School Club children won’t be able to play outside much. Especially now that it’s getting lighter in the afternoons! I have been waiting since Autumn for this to happen again!

Oh well, back to muddy puddles for a bit longer then… hopefully not too much longer..

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Love Biscuit xx

Year 4 Trip to The West London Synagogue.

On Tuesday, Year 4 visited The West London Synagogue as part of our RE studies this half term. This is a liberal, reform synagogue based at Marble Arch, and we were made to feel very welcome. Our guide explained some of the Jewish traditions we have been learning about and we looked at the beautiful interior of the synagogue. We were lucky enough to be able to view the Torah Scrolls which are kept in The Ark, which was generously opened for us. Some of the scrolls are over 300 years old! It was interesting to learn about the links between Judaism, Christianity and Islam and the children undoubtedly benefited from the visit.

Year 6 Trip to the River Thames

This week, Year 6 were fortunate enough to take part in an all day workshop run by The Thames Explorer organisation at the foreshore of the River Thames. We had the amazing opportunity to apply all our learning about rivers within a real-life context. With the help of our group leaders (Simon and Sam), we classified creatures living in the Thames: this included leeches, crabs, snails and flounder. We also learnt about the PH scale, and we were surprised to discover that the PH of the Thames was 7 (and therefore neutral)! As well as learning about the ecosystem of the river, we took on the role of archaeologists and collected a range of artefacts from animal bones to Victorian pottery, discussing how they may have ended up in the Thames. It was a day to remember and as we were so well behaved, Simon has invited us on another archaeological trip in the summer term!

Community Corner

Collective Worship

The whole school attends acts of Collective Worship every day.

  • Mondays and Tuesdays: key stage singing assemblies led by Mr Carden.
  • Wednesdays: Church service led by Graham or Helena, the clergy at St Stephens with St John on Rochester Row. These services are very child-friendly, and Year 6 take a leading role by processing, singing in the choir and reading the Bible readings and prayers.
  • Thursdays: We focus on celebrating achievements, led by a member of SLT, School Council or a class teacher with their class. When a class teacher leads the assembly, their class also recite a piece of poetry they have been learning. We would be very grateful if parents could support their children in learning these poems when it is their turn.
  • Friday: Opportunities for classes to share what they have been learning with their families and the rest of the school.

Class Assemblies

Class assemblies start at 9:00. Parents, kindly be seated by 8:55.

  • 10th March – Year 1 sharing assembly, 9am – Year 1 parents welcome
  • 17th March – Mothering Sunday Service, 9:30am – all parents welcome – church
  • 24th March – Year 2 sharing assembly, 9am – Year 2 parents welcome
  • 31st March – Roll Back the Stone Year 3 Easter production, 9:30 – all parents welcome.  This will be held in the school, and places will be limited.  Parents will need to register attendance at this event with the school office from Monday 6th March.

Wednesday saw us celebrating Ash Wednesday in Church, and Graham explained that lots of Christians burn their palm crosses from the previous Easter and use the ashes to make a cross on their foreheads. Did you see anyone walking around on Wednesday with a sooty mark on their forehead? Graham did his own, and the children told him it looked more like a T!

Ash Wednesday is always the day after Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), marking the start of the holy season of Lent for Christians, and is a time of reflection and repentance in preparation for Easter. Graham explained that this 40 day period is a time of fasting and prayer, just like Ramadan for Muslims, and many Christians will give up something to test themselves.

What are you giving up? What would be the most difficult thing for you to forgo all the way up until Easter?

Year 6 were out on a trip on Wednesday, so Year 5 took the reins in Church, processing up the aisle with the cross and candles, singing solos (well done Sara and Ali!) and doing a great job with the rather long reading from the Book of Joel 1-2, 12-17 (well done Ella and Zion!). Miss Mattey couldn’t have been prouder of Year 5 – they did brilliantly!

Community Questions

  • Have you ever had a moment where you were aware of God’s holiness and splendour? What happened?
  • Have you ever felt changed for good by an experience, person or words you have read or heard? What happened?
  • Do you know anyone who appears to reflect God in their life?

FREE family activities

Messy Cathedral, Saturday 1 April 10.30am – 1pm

St Paul’s Cathedral invites families to a FREE session of activities for all ages, including crafts, singing and storytelling, all journeying through the days of Holy Week. All the fun will culminate in a Holy Communion.

This is a ticketed event. Tickets can be ordered here >

Strike action: Our school will be open

Many of you may be aware from the national press that the National Education Union (NEU), has balloted for strike action on the following dates:

  • Thursday 2 March 2023
  • Wednesday 15 March 2023
  • Thursday 16 March 2023

Kindly be informed that our school will be open on all the strike days listed above, with all classes and wrap around provision (Breakfast Club, Extended School Day and After School Clubs) operating as normal.

Term Dates 2022-2023

Please find here the agreed term dates set by our school’s Governing Body for the upcoming academic year, starting September 2022.

Please remember that holidays will not be authorised during the school term, and that all children should be in school (on time) every day.

Please refer to the table below for the term dates, including INSET days and Bank Holidays when the school will be closed to pupils.

Alternatively, you can click on the image thumbnail on the right to view the PDF (please note this will open in a new window) or you can click on the link below:



Start of Term (for Years 1-6)


05 September 2022



21 October 2022

Half Term


24 October 2022



28 October 2022

Return on


31 October 2022

End of Term


16 December 2022



Start of Term


04 January 2023



10 February 2023

Half Term


13 February 2023



17 February 2023

Return on


20 February 2023

End of Term


31 March 2023



Start of Term


17 April 2023



26 May 2023

Half Term


29 May 2023



02 June 2023

Return on


05 June 2023

End of Term


21 July 2023


Teaching & Learning: Curriculum Map Autumn/Spring


01 September 2022

Teaching & Learning: Phonics


02 September 2022

Assessment & Pupil Progress


02 December 2022

Teaching & Learning: Curriculum Map Autumn/Spring


03 January 2023

Assessment & Pupil Progress


07 July 2023

BANK HOLIDAYS (school closed)
May Bank Holiday


01 May 2023

Coronation Bank Holiday


08 May 2023

PE Days

Classes will have PE lessons on the following days for the Autumn Term.

  • Monday: Year 1 (PM)
  • Tuesday: Year 4 (PM)
  • Wednesday: Year 5 (AM)* and Year 2 (PM)
  • Thursday: Year 6 (PM)
  • Friday: Reception & Nursery (AM) and Year 3 (PM)

*Kindly note that ONLY Year 5 pupils will need to come to school in their school uniform and bring their PE kit to change into after attending Church, on their designated PE day (Wednesday).

Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct PE uniform to school on their designated PE day. If you have any questions about school uniforms, please call, email or pop in to the school office

Correct PE uniform:

  • Navy PE t-shirt (with school logo)
  • Navy sweatshirt (with school logo)
  • Navy jogging bottoms, leggings, skirt or shorts
  • Trainers or plimsolls (black)

September 2023: Nursery & Reception places available

If you are looking for a Nursery  or Reception Place, for your child from September 2023, please contact the school and make an appointment to join a school tour.

We’d be delighted for you to join us for a 30-minute bespoke EYFS tour, where you will have the chance explore our Early Years setting, speak to key staff and ask any questions regarding admissions and your child starting with us at Burdett-Coutts.

Please contact us to register for our tours which take place every Thursday, with times available from 09:30 – 14:30 during term time.

Funding eligibility letter for Pupil Premium, Early Years Funding & Free School Meals

Due to changes in the eligibility criteria for Pupil Premium, Free School Meals and qualifying for 30 hours of funding for Nursery provision, many pupils currently enrolled at our school may now be entitled to one of these funding allocations.

We will be issuing letters to families who are currently not in receipt of the above, asking you to complete the registration for the identified funding option your child/ren maybe eligible for. Thank you so much in advance for your help in completing this.

This funding allows us to increase additional staffing hours to run booster groups, and an exciting range of extended day activities, that benefit our school and your child, and your cooperation is greatly appreciated at this difficult time for school budgets.

  • If you should have any queries with regards to the letter sent to you, please contact Mrs Deary or the school office.


In this first week of our new half term, Nursery have been working on developing fine motor skills, learning about circles, working on tactile sensory stimulation and having a whole lot of fun and imagination. The children also learnt the recipe for creating their own play dough! By using their oral processing and comprehension skills to follow the recipe, they blended all the dry ingredients together, choosing their own colours to make a successful dough. The dough was perfect for the children to start working on their shape exploration of a circle – and of course, to make pancakes for Pancake Day.


This week we had lots of fun learning about, and celebrating, Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday). We made our own pancakes and enjoyed choosing the toppings. We had to write what we wanted on our pancake first, and then used our order forms to make the pancakes exactly how we wanted them. Finally, we had to spread the toppings on ourselves which was a bit tricky. The best part – which was much easier – was eating them!

Year 1:

In Music, Mr Carden and Year 1 have been using a variety of percussion instruments. The focus has been on ‘conducting‘, with different pupils having the opportunity to conduct the rest of the class. This has been a lot of fun! We have learnt how to stop and start when the conductor is playing, as well as playing loudly and softly. It has been great to play so many different instruments and also practicing playing them in time with the music.

Year 2:

In Music this term, Year 2 are watching films of orchestras and conductors. They’ve learnt how orchestral music is organised by composers, seeing for themselves the difficulties of being a conductor, and leading different groups of instruments as they play in their own classroom orchestra. They’ve had an interesting time learning what happens when they try to set the tempo or change the volume of their playing!

Year 3:

Year 3 have been super busy (and creative) this week, working hard on a whole-class PSHE display. Each child is creating a panel sharing their thoughts and goals on helping themselves and others. These will form part of a larger display which will be placed in a central part of our school at the end of March. Parents will be invited to see this display and our work! We have also begun rehearsing for our Easter production, Rolling Back the Stone, which we are leading on. Mr Carden is very impressed with our singing so far, and we look forward to performing it for you on 31st March, in the school hall.

Year 4:

During Maths this week, we are re-visiting fractions and consolidating our prior learning. We can add and subtract fractions, compare and order mixed numbers, find quantities of amounts and place fractions on a number line. We are now applying our knowledge to answering reasoning problems. Ask your child to explain how to add fractions with different denominators.

Year 5:

In Jemison Class, we have become forensic scientists investigating an attempted crime here at Burdett-Coutts! We are replicating information about our foot sizes in a table and comparing this within our class to find the culprit. We also measured Miss Mattey, Mr Carden, Miss Sweeney and Ms Baker’s shoe sizes! Then we looked at our fingerprints and how they are all different. Are yours a loop, arch or whorl?  Did you know that even identical twins have different fingerprints?

Year 6:

This week, we have been linking our work as Geographers and relating this to the history of the River Thames. We have focused specifically on the Great Stink which took place in the summer of 1858. We were shocked to discover that it was caused by untreated human waste in the River Thames and its bank,  and an ageing and inadequate sewer system which emptied directly into the Thames. The bad air was thought to transmit contagious diseases. There were three outbreaks of cholera before the Great Stink was blamed on the problems with the river. A proposal from the civil engineer Joseph Bazalgette for sewage treatment was finally accepted and thanks to this ingenious engineer, we still use this system today.