Year 4: Colfer and Rowling

Year 4: Colfer and Rowling

Situated on the top floor of the main Victorian building, our Year 4 classes take their name from bestselling authors, Eoin Colfer and JK Rowling.

In line with the requirements of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2, Year 4 students are taught core subjects of English (Reading and Writing), Mathematics and Science as well as Foundation subjects of Art, ICT, Design and Technology, Music, History, Geography, PE and Spanish.

The children will still continue to read one-to-one with an adult at least once a week, as well as in a group session. Although comprehension remains the primary focus here, all aspects of reading – fluency, expression, and comprehension, as well as decoding skills – are taught to ensure independent and fluent reading and to encourage enthusiastic readers who read widely and frequently.

Pupils are also taught to write creatively in a variety of formats: poems, scripts, character descriptions and articles, to facilitate confident and independent communication on a related topic. Reading books are sent home weekly and homework will always contain elements of spelling, writing, Maths and English.

In Maths, the principal focus is to ensure that pupils become increasingly fluent with whole numbers and develop efficient written and mental methods to perform calculations accurately with increasingly larger whole numbers. Year 4 children also participate in a penpal scheme with another school outside London and enjoy swimming as part of their PE lessons.

The Year 4 team are always happy to speak to parents regarding any issues, concerns or queries. To apply for a Year 4 place at Burdett-Coutts school, please contact the school office or click here for more information about our Admissions criteria.

Year 4 Curriculum Information: Summer 2019

The topics that we will be covering in Year 4 this half-term include:

English: The Mousehole Cat – Writing to Entertain. We will be focusing on using expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and subordinate clauses
Maths: Time, writing tenths and hundredths, writing decimals and comparing and ordering decimals
Science: Sound
Topic: Coasts
I.C.T: Input using 2connect
R.E: People from the Old Testament
P.S.H.C.E: Managing risks and change
Art: Drawing linked to coasts
D.T: Mechanisms
Music: Composition
P.E: Football and M.E.N.D

Our P.E. days are on: Tuesday and Fridays

Year 4 Diary Dates: Summer 2019

Sports Day: 21st June (morning)
Visit to Westminster Under School: 21st June (afternoon)

Year 4 team:

Class teacher:
  • Miss C. Sweeney
Support staff:
  • Ms. D McCormack (HLTA)

Other key roles:

  • Mrs E. Camplin
Designated Child Protection & Safeguarding Officer:
  • Mrs R. Dyer
Deputy Designated Child Protection & Safeguarding Officer:
  • Mrs S. Lee
Family Support Worker:
  • Mrs L. Deary