Year 6: Curie

Year 6: Curie

Situated on the top floor of the main Victorian building, our Year 6 class is named after Polish and French physicist, chemist and feminist, Marie Skłodowska Curie.

Year 6 is a very important year for our students as they will be the oldest and therefore given many more responsibilities for their learning as well as different roles around the school. Not only do the children prepare for the SATs exams, they also enjoy a school residential trip called the School Journey and participate in the Founders Day celebrations.

In line with the requirements of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2, Year 6 pupils are taught core subjects of English (Reading and Writing), Mathematics and Science as well as Foundation subjects of Art, ICT, Design and Technology, Music, History/Geography, PE and Spanish.

Building on the foundations from Year 5, they continue to read a wider range of poetry and age appropriate interest level books. Teachers will continue to emphasise pupils’ enjoyment and understanding of language, especially vocabulary, to support their reading and writing. This knowledge of language, gained from stories, plays, poetry, non-fiction and textbooks, will support their increasing fluency as readers, their facility as writers, and their comprehension.

The principal focus of mathematics teaching in Year 6 is to ensure fluency in written methods of addition, subtraction, long multiplication and division, as well as working with fractions, decimals and percentages. Reading books are sent home weekly and homework will always contain elements of spelling, writing, Maths and English.

The Year 6 team are always happy to speak to parents regarding any issues, concerns or queries. To apply for a Year 6 place at Burdett-Coutts school, please contact the school office or click here for more information about our Admissions criteria.

Year 6 team:

Class teacher:
  • Miss C. Sweeney
Support staff:
  • Ms. C. Russell
  • Ms. P. Hamed (SEND 1:1)

Other key roles:

DSL Lead:
  • Mrs L. Deary
Deputy DSL:
  • Ms. Y. Barnett & Mrs E. Camplin
  • Mrs E. Camplin