Burdett-Coutts: Ready, Respectful & Safe

Burdett-Coutts: Ready, Respectful & Safe

If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children”

Mahatma Gandhi

At the start of the 2018/2019 academic year, school leaders, staff and governors came together to review, discuss and update our school vision. We also simplified our school rules as part of our commitment towards being a Rights Respecting School and putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of our planning, policies, practice & ethos.

Since the launch of our new vision & school rules, we have held coffee mornings and afternoon tea parties to share these new strategies with parents and carers, workshops with our pupils to discuss their understanding and through acts of collective worship, activities and whole-school events, embed further our commitment to uphold the rights of our children and the importance of providing a safe and inclusive environment for all.

On the 5th of November, we launched Friendship Fortnight where we celebrated random acts of kindness and discussed:

  • what makes a good friend and identifying the skills and attributes
  • how to have positive relationships and emotions
  • anti-bullying strategies
  • celebrating difference and diversity

Friendship Fortnight overlapped with the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s Anti Bullying Week on the 12th – 16th of November. Throughout the week, our pupils participated in focus activities and events, looked at what constituted bullying and how to prevent bullying in all its forms.

This year’s theme was ‘Choose Respect’ and we started it with our first Odd Socks Day where children were invited to wear odd socks to show that ‘we are all different but all equal’! It was a fun opportunity for our students to express themselves whilst celebrating their individuality and things that make us all unique.

These focus weeks culminated with a special Anti-Bullying Assembly on Friday the 16th of November where the children shared their learning and knowledge throughout the week.

On Tuesday 5th February we marked Safer Internet Day, a global celebration about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. All across the world, schools and organisations came together under this year’s theme: Together for a better internet – to concentrate and discuss online safety strategies.

Year 5 pupils gave a special presentation to parents and to the children from Years 3 and 4. Their informative presentation concluded with five films, scripted, shot and edited by the children themselves, all illustrating the importance of safe internet behaviour.

Year 6 contributed to the celebration by creating a series of PowerPoint presentations about different aspects of online safety – these were then shown on our digital displays in the school entrance and the playground.

At Burdett-Coutts, we continually take online safety very seriously – not just on Safer Internet Day – and try to end every daily computing lesson with a short focus on how to stay safe online.

A huge thank you to Mrs Camplin & Miss Mattey for organising all the fun activities during Friendship Fortnight & Anti-Bullying Week and also to Mr Carden for his work in ensuring the robustness of our online safety strategies. Thank you too to senior leaders for organising and delivering the coffee mornings to parents and carers.

Our continual aim is to provide a safe, secure and inclusive learning environment where everyone is ready to learn, are respectful of each other and feel safe – for only if our children feel safe can they be ready to learn the skills required for them to be respected members of our community.